TEAM NORTHRUP is a specific, practical, business and personal growth opportunity for individuals who believe in the power of the mind/body/spirit connection, who are highly motivated, who want to attract more prosperity in their  lives, and who seek an exciting new path of discovery.”

Christiane Northrup, MD

After becoming acutely aware  of the vital link between health and personal  finances in both her own and her  patients’ lives, Dr. Northrup, along with her sister  created  Team Northrup.


The members of Team Northrup use the USANA opportunity as a practical model for learning about and applying the Laws of Prosperity and the Law of Attraction while also helping people improve their health.

"We are an international community of likeminded, positive, fun, upbeat women and men who are changing the world by applying the law of attraction to their financial and physical health—and then teaching others to do the same. I look back in wonder at who we used to be compared to who we are now.  It’s beyond gratifying to see the changes in both myself and others.

Team Northrup is living, breathing proof that healing, prosperity, and transformation are possible for anyone who is willing to change their habitual thoughts and behaviors.  If you want to reinvent yourself and find better health and more freedom than you ever dreamed possible, this opportunity just might be for you!"                                 Christiane Northrup, MD 

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Regina Gibbons MBA, Lic. Ac.