Regina Gibbons,  MBA

Licensed Acupuncturist


Licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine Committee on Acupuncture,

 Regina earned her Master of Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture.


Regina is a seasoned clinician, having maintained a private acupuncture practice in Marblehead, MA since 2000.  She is currently credentialed at Massachusetts General Hospital and serves as a clinical acupuncturist at the MGH Community Health Center in Revere, M.A.


"My mission is to bring you Wisdom Medicine that will help you blossom in health, wealth and wisdom life-long.  

I offer you  a new understanding of yourself, your body and your relationships through the lens of East Asian Medicine  and Conventional Wisdom."





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Regina Gibbons MBA, Lic. Ac.